Juan Esteban Varela "From the Dark"

Venue: Assembly Roxy - Roxy Central
Type: Ages 11+

The only magic show in the world conceived for people unable to see, as well as for sighted people, where everyone can be a part of a unique and amazing experience.

Traditional magic tricks include a grandiose effects. A magician promises that a dove will disappear in front of your eyes before you blink. But how to pull off the trick of disappearance if your audience cannot see? This is the question that occupied Juan Esteban Varela (Chile) who, after ten years of research, created the only illusionist performance in the world that takes place in absolute darkness.

Unlike the majority of performances that rely upon visual stimulation, “From the Dark” invites the audience to witness the feeling of astonishment and to experience magic without using one’s eyesight. Designed for the blind, who have always been prevented from witnessing magic, but also for the audience ready to renounce the sense of vision for an hour, this performance offers an experience that activates intellect, imagination, and emotions.


“Thanks for creating this show. For the first time I understood the meaning of a disappearance.” Infanta Margarita (blind from birth) The younger sister of Juan Carlos I King of Spain

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