MagicFair Pass - Lates

Venue: Summerhall - the Whole Venue
Type: Ages 16+

For three days Summerhall will be the centre of the world of magic with 100s of magic shows - close up and personal - from over 20 international and Scottish illusionists. This is a magic theme park experience where the rides are live shows, in nine theatre and performance spaces that seat from 10 to 120. You’re always only a few feet away from the action, allowing magicians to use some of the more extreme techniques of misdirection and audience control. In a 4-hour session, you can see up to seven 20-minute live shows by magicians from all over the world. You can plan your trip in advance but also enjoy the spontaneity of your choices on the day.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Come at sundown and party with wily wizards as they perform epic exploits until the wee witching hours... On one hand, see sublime and sophisticated sleight-of-hand, comedy magic and illusion but on the other, choose bizarre magic and scary mind-reading. Embrace adventure and let your imagination fly.

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