Vincent Gambini "The Chore of Enchantment"

Scottish Storytelling Centre - Netherbow Theatre

Ages 14+

The world is in turmoil. Can magic provide the much-needed solace and enchantment for these difficult times? Magician Vincent Gambini is not so sure. Disillusioned with illusions, struggling with “magician’s block”, Gambini presents a theatre show about the hidden difficulties of being a magician: the arduous job of manufacturing amazement, especially when the world edges towards collapse.

Combining jaw-dropping magic with Gambini’s trademark ironic detachment and a flair for the unspectacular, The Chore of Enchantment plays expertly with our understandings of illusion and theatre.

★★★★ ‘Thoughtful, playful and multi-layered piece that will make you question how we watch and what we see’ - The Guardian

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